I’m here to take you from burnt-out and frustrated to profitable and fulfilled.

I don’t believe your business is a one-size-fits-all which is why we always start by assessing where you are and where you want to go. We’ll talk about your big picture priorities, look exactly at what’s going on in your business and what you want to be different, and we’ll talk through how to put it all into action.

This isn’t just another business program for Interior Designers that tells you the “right” way to run your business. Working together will help you uncover what is perfect for you and help build the confidence you need to be the CEO of your own design firm. It’s time for you to create the success you want in your business and be present in your life.

Desi Creswell Business and Life Coach Interior Designers

Our sessions together are customized to fit your unique needs. These are just some of the results you can expect after working together:

+ Eliminate the feeling of overwhelm that prevents you from taking action.
+ Get crystal clear on how to set and achieve specific goals in your business.
+ Gain complete clarity on what you offer to your clients and why it’s so valuable.
+ Increase your confidence so that selling becomes a natural part of the design process.
+ Remove confusion and learn to be decisive. You’ll know exactly what to do next.
+ Create steady momentum and continuous progress. Never feel stuck again.
+ Create a work + life blend that feels right to you. Stop worrying that you are never doing or being “enough.”
+ Overcome your scarcity mindset around money and clients and learn to create abundance.
+ Master your schedule so you can balance running a profitable business with being present and fulfilled in your personal life.
+ Define your niche, clarify your ideal client and project types, and identify strategies to attract exactly what you want. 
+ Brand Audit: Feedback, copy, and other actionable advice to ensure your imagery and messaging speak directly to your target market.  

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“Desi challenged my long-held notions about myself and my business and pushed me to see what is possible. She helped me dream big, learn to believe in the dream, and take tangible steps towards making it all a reality. The impact of changing my outlook and how I communicate my value can not be understated!”

Heather Peterson / Heather Peterson Design