Welcome from Desi - A Minnesota Lifestyle and Design Blog

Hello! My name is Desi Creswell and I would like to personally welcome you to my lifestyle and design blog! For the past five years I've been blogging on interior design topics such as trends, new products, and project inspiration for both residential and commercial interiors. As my interests and expertise have evolved it now makes sense for my blog content to have a new home. While you'll continue to see interior design related topics, my approach to this blog will also encompass my dedication to a whole-living lifestyle. I truly believe that when you integrate your physical environment, both functionally and aesthetically, with other areas of lifestyle, such as health and wellness, you are able to create your best life.  Through this blog I hope to inspire, inform, and create a space where we can all aim to Elevate the Everyday.

Desi Creswell Minnesota Lifestyle and Design Blog