Everyday Upgrade - Coffee Mugs

My 5 Favorite Coffee Mugs for a Beautiful Morning

If you read my recent post, Don't Wait to Live Well: Elevate Your Everyday Life, you know I love a good cup of coffee. On mornings when I have a few extra minutes there is no greater pleasure that sitting down and drinking the coffee from a real coffee mug as opposed to running out the door with a to-go thermos. There is something about the warmth of the cup, sitting enjoying the view of my backyard, and maybe even sneaking a peak at a favorite design blog like Design Sponge. I prefer a large cup with a wide mouth, a handle that is easy to grasp, and a contour that fits the curve of my hand. I like to have a matching set for when I host a breakfast or brunch but when it comes to an everyday mug I prefer to have a variety of styles and designs so that I can select one that suits the mood of the day. Below is a round-up of my current favorites.

Anthropologie is one of my go-tos for beautiful coffee and tea cups. They offer a variety of beautiful designs, are great for everyday use, and they make great gifts. The painterly flora on the Paradise Found Cup and Saucer immediately caught my eye. I probably wouldn't use the saucer for coffee but it would be the perfect backdrop of an afternoon treat.

I'm also eyeing up the Latte Mug from Anthropologie. They are the perfect size and shape and the range of gorgeous colors offers something for everyone.  A lover of all things pink the Peach color is an obvious first choice but I also am drawn to the sophisticated Squid Ink color.

The Short Black and White Mug from March SF feels like a little piece of modern art in the form of a cup. This dishwasher safe, stonewear mug is made in San Francisco by local artisan Len Carella.

What the Faux Bois Mug from Brika lacks in color it makes up in texture.

I typically choose mugs with handles but I would make an exception for the sculptural Saturn Tumbler by Alli Walker. Named for the Saturn-like ring around the middle for resting your hands, this porcelain mug is handmade and finished with an soft, Celadon green glaze.

Whether you are a coffee or a tea drinker, what are your ideal attributes in a mug?