Love the One You're With - Embracing the Less than Perfect

Interior design and decoration is a process - learn to love what you have while looking toward a future vision

Let's be honest, you probably don't love every last item in your home. Styles change, you change, or you're slowing replacing inexpensive placeholders with more permanent investment pieces. This could be an item you purchased a while back or a piece you inherited that serves its purpose for now but it's not a long term love. While you're going through this process it's easy to lament the fact that you might not be able to replace everything in your house at once. But I actually think there is something to be said for slowing bringing in the new or new to you. This is where you learn to love the one you're with.

Design Tips to Embrace the Less than Perfect

What do I mean by love the one you're with? I'm suggesting that you actively embrace and elevate current items by basing new purchases on your décor vision for the future. You'll freshen up the existing and actually make what you already own look better. New items can loosely complement what you already have but keep moving you in the direction you ultimately want to go. Let go of the idea that everything needs to "match" as you make your transition. Bringing in items that are more in line with your overall aesthetic vision will uplift the lingering items you want to replace. Trust me.

Here is a specific example. You have your eye on a modern rug with a crisp, geometric pattern for your living room but your current sofa and coffee table have a traditional aesthetic.  How do you blend the two? Consider how you could bring a few other modern touches to the room without much investment. Swap out old throw pillows with a design that complements the rug or select a decorative tray with clean lines to style on top of the coffee table. These simple touches become a bridge that links the old and the new. Rather than perpetuating the style you have outgrown you're enhancing what you already have and intentionally moving towards your future style. The other benefit of this approach is that mixing styles creates a layered, collected experience in your home which makes it easier to bring new things in and edit old things out.

So what's my "love the one you're with"? It's the two neutral chairs I purchased from Room & Board when we moved into our first home. One of my issues is the way they have worn - the down filling in the back in not substantial enough and I'm constantly fluffing to revive them. The other is that they have become too clean-lined for me. Back when I started the process of decorating our home I gravitated to more modern lines and that is very much reflected in my initial purchases. Today I find that while I prefer clean lines I also find something very welcoming about traditional design elements. There is nothing horribly wrong with these chairs and my husband isn't exactly excited about replacing them since they are only a few years old. So while I wait out their retirement here's what I've done. First, I went to the upholsterer to have the interior cushions wrapped and beefed up. I've also layered on a colorful throw pillow to draw the eye away from the back cushions that I so dislike. Lastly, I purchased a side table with organic lines and a warm wood top to soften the chair's straight lines. These small changes cost significantly less than replacing the chairs and I can now appreciate how the chairs work in the rest of the room.

In order to work towards a cohesive whole, give some thought to what the future space looks like as it evolves (I say evolves because in my mind a room is really never "done"). Hopefully this gives you some ideas as to how to embrace those items that are less than ideal. I think the idea of loving the one you're with is something we all can, and should, embrace.

 I'd love to know what in your home you're learning to love and what you're doing to embrace the perfectly imperfect.