Designer Confessions: What I'm Really Thinking When You Invite Me Over

Let me in and I'll explain

A few bold friends in my life confess that having me over brings up the question "Is Desi judging my home?" These confessions come with justifications and apologies, all of which are unnecessary.  

When you invited me over did you worry that I'd arrive searching for all that could be improved in your home? That I would scan the surroundings, silently offering all of the design suggestions you should implement?

Photo by Desi Creswell

Photo by Desi Creswell

I get it. I'm an interior designer. I'm trained to re-imagine a room's potential and envision the best in a space. And, at the same time, trust that I'm not there to judge. 

The truth is...I'm not looking for the good or the bad. I'm there to see you, my friend.

The truth is...I have kids too and I know they make messes. It's ok if you didn't clean up.

The truth is....I worry about you coming to my house and judging me. I'm a designer so I must have a perfect home - or so I tell myself. 

The truth is...I have personal preferences - just like you. My likes and dislikes have everything to do with me and nothing to do with your home. 

The truth is...I appreciate the invitation and the opportunity for connection.

When you invite me over I'm not judging your home. And that's the truth.